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Ediss Custom Home Builders

Custom Home Builders

Are you searching for custom home builders? If yes, our company can build your dream home become a reality. Ediss Construction Company will ensure that the materials, architectural design and developing process are up to your standards. We build homes that last for many years and for future generations, as we dedicate many hours translating your vision into a home that will suit your lifestyle and personal needs.

Why Hire Our Services

Choosing a home builder is a crucial decision, as a home is a place where families live permanently. They also need to have a strong foundation and be creatively designed for future investment. Building a home should be a pleasant experience, and shouldn't become confusing either frustrating.

Rest assured, that Ediss Construction guarantee's total satisfaction as we have built some of the most exclusive properties in South Beach and Miami areas. Quality, functionality, and craftsmanship are reflected in each home, having hundreds of satisfied customers that can speak on our company services behalf.

Each of our custom properties are built to be your home for a lifetime

Our staff has many years of building experience, giving personal attention to each client needs as they have unique ideas and design styles. We can suggest the best approach to building a home, as clients personal styles come into consideration needed to be translated into architectural solutions.

We value each customer, as our staff wants the clients to have a rewarding and positive building experience. Also, teamwork
during the building phase process is very important as with the proper communication between builder and client, the construction process will be a successful.

Custom Home BuildersEdiss Construction & Remodeling - Custom Home Builders

Make your dream home become a reality with Ediss expertise, and let us build a comfortable, elegant and distinctive place to build your family memories. If you want an onsite estimate, please give us a call at 305-904-1936 or click Here to fill out a form.

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