Modern Vanity Lighting

Are you searching for a modern vanity lighting? Whether updating a home for resale, remodeling it to improve its aesthetics, or building a new one; a bathroom is an area that some homeowners overlook. Not only do buyers and guests look at the Modern Vanity Lightingspace and furniture in a bathroom, the bathroom fixtures and lighting are also in the visitors’ eyes for perusing. Choosing the right lighting in order to set a comforting mood as well as showcasing the fixture accessories is a great way to enhance the bathroom. Ediss Construction is here to help you in this regard.

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At Ediss Construction, we use a unique approach to remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, or entire home while seamlessly coordinating all aspects of your project. We make sure that you get the most straightforward and efficient remodeling service you can find. Our skilled craftsmen and designers get to know you personally and understand what your specific requirements and goals are. They offer the organization and flexibility required to make mid-project changes (if needed) a breeze.

Our Services

Modern Vanity LightingCustom Bathroom Design and Installation

Customizing the design and layout of the bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the property value and improve its aesthetics. Our experienced Ediss team will work with you to create a customized bathroom design that suits your home’s style and your personal taste.

When it comes to customized bathroom remodeling, we can install and replace tubs, vanities, showers, toilets, and more to make sure that your new bathroom is a perfect fit for your home. We help you find the right light fixtures, floors, paint, and other finishing touches to perfectly complete the design and give you the best-finished space.

Vanity Lighting

From chandeliers to dimmers, to decorative wall sconces, we know all the tricks to creating luxurious and dreamy bathroom vanity lighting. We offer diverse lighting options for every budget and taste and can help you find the best lighting solutions for your bathroom.

Modern Vanity LightingTub to Shower Conversions

Bathtubs are unnecessary for some people, and often converting to a shower provides better appearance and function. Our expert team can replace your existing tub with a shower base to give you a full-size shower, all while considering the overall layout and design of your bathroom.

Bathtub Refinishing

We can help you reglaze your tub to make it look brand new and ideal match with the rest of your remodeled bathroom.

Liners, Enclosures, And Surrounds

Giving your shower or tub a completed appearance is a critical part of any bathroom renovation. We offer a wide selection of shower and tub surrounds, tub liners, and shower enclosures and allow you to create the design that is perfect for your home.

Ediss Construction - Modern Vanity Lighting

Ediss Construction is a premier remodeling company that can help you make your dream bathroom a reality. We are a one-stop company when it comes to home improvement and renovations. It means that after we meet to determine the particular goals of your renovation project, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Call us today at to make an onsite appointment at 954-589-4624

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From product innovation and high-quality materials to our affordable remodeling options, we go above and beyond to meet your needs. Our fine cabinetry gives you the opportunity to customize your kitchen with versatility, efficiency, and enduring style. It also brings you the finest quality and look from traditional to contemporary that will satisfy your decorating taste.

Our knowledgeable team will help you determine what you need based on your culinary routine, style and budget.

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