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home remodeling contractorChoosing your home remodeling contractor can be a tedious work, especially when you are doing this for the first time. Our team of highly professional contractors will handle any unforeseen structural changes as they arise, if any, during the project. We understand the current situation of rising home prices and low interest and people are still on the lookout to remodel their houses which is not an easy task.

Why Hire Us?

Edis Remodeling Contractor has been completing home exterior, kitchen remodels, door and window replacement and other home related projects for years. As a general home remodeling contractor business, we will take care of your entire renovation project within your budget, while keeping the quality of work in place.


home remodeling contractorSteel Entry Door Replacement

The front door which is the main entry to your house plays an important role in the beautification of your house. It gives guests the first impression of the kind of aesthetic charms the main entrance of your house should hold. Steel entry doors are also designed to give you the maximum security to guard your home while you are away.

Wooden Decking Tiles Tiling

Wooden deck tiles can help you transform your existing exterior surface into beautifully looking one. With Ediss Remodeling Company, this turns into easy and affordable task.

Garage Door Replacementhome remodeling contractor

Your garage is a vital feature of your modern home, and this should be given an enormous attention. Also, is a selling point for any home, as the door you install, plays a big role in the overall aesthetics of a property value. Curb appeal is always nice, but particularly important if you are looking to sell your home in the future.

Eddis Remodeling Company - Kitchen Remodel

How your kitchen looks and general aesthetic can make a big impression on the value of your home and the prospect buyer at the time of resale. Kitchens are important because buyers often overestimate how much the cost could escalate after purchasing and doing upgrades. One of the services Ediss Remodeling Company can offer you just is a kitchen remodeling makeover. Call us today at 954-589-4624

We work for the best quality of services for our clients,
and our clients appreciate us for that.

Why we do it better?

From product innovation and high-quality materials to our affordable remodeling options, we go above and beyond to meet your needs. Our fine cabinetry gives you the opportunity to customize your kitchen with versatility, efficiency, and enduring style. It also brings you the finest quality and look from traditional to contemporary that will satisfy your decorating taste.

Our knowledgeable team will help you determine what you need based on your culinary routine, style and budget.

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At Ediss Remodeling Company, we’re committed to customer satisfaction proving it with our level of service over the past 10 years.

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